Editing // On-site and remote large scale events

I provide editing services to a wide range of clients specializing in live workflows, FTP server setups, On-site infrastructure and automated metadata taxonomy processes.

Notable events edited:

2023 Rangers Postseason Photo team

On Site Editing, Remote Camera and server setup.

  • World Series
  • ALCS
  • ALDS

  • 2024 BNP Paribas Open
  • 2024 Emmys
  • 2023 Getty Images NFL Sunday editing team
  • 2023 Solheim Cup - Image Board - Getty Images
  • 2023 US Open
  • 2023 NBA Finals - Image Board - USA Today Sports
  • 2023 Memorial Tournament - Image Board - Getty Images
  • 2023 Masters - Image Board - USA Today Sports
  • 2023 Players Championship
  • 2023 US Figure Skating Champs
  • 2023 NBA All-star
  • 2023 Superbowl
  • 2022 US Open

2024 BNP Paribas Open

2023 Texas Rangers World Series / Post Season

Editing Workflow

For ALDS and the World Series, We setup an assortment of remote cameras that were all networked and sending directly to my computer Via a VLAN running an FTP server.

I was responsible for the FTP server setup, Coordination of every Camera's (handheld and remote) MAC address to Rangers IT, and networking every camera.

2023 US Open

2023 US Open Editing Statistics

Above is a graph of my personal editing statistics for the 2023 US Open on site in Flushing, NY over the course of two weeks.