Custom Pocket wizard trigger cables for all your remote camera needs.

Fill out the form with your length/colour needs and once confirmed payment via venmo below I will start soldering!

Cable prices:

$15 a cable, shipped to your door.



How long are the cables?

Cables come at a default of 10". If you want a longer cable or custom length, drop me an email.

Does this work with any camera / pocket wizard?

Yes - The trigger cables are made to work with Sony/Nikon/Canon or any ecosystem that supports Pocket Wizards.

How do the cables work?

You simply plug the 3.5mm male end into your pocket wizard, and off you go! Trigger any remote via the button.
Tape the button to your lens barrel, or form it to your battery grip. You can use it any way you want.

My cable arrived broken! What do I do?

Send me an email and I will solder a new batch, and send them out for free!

What is your turnaround time?

1-3 days.
This usually depends on if I am traveling for work, or am working on a project and cannot get to it in that timeframe.