Kevin Prise

Kevin Prise. Where do I start? It was great to have him come speak to the class last week and share his journey in the industry. He was very insightful, talking about the past, present and future of the industry. One thing I took away from Kevin's talk was speaking about how the industry is constantly changing and that you need to constantly apply yourself to whatever you're doing. One thing I've learned from Kevin, is that so many times in your life when you're working or freelancing, every job is a potential interview. No matter if you're working with a group of people you've worked with 100x, or the first - You have the potential to drastically change your career path simply because of your actions and how people view you. Kevin talked about how important networking is and how a large part of this industry and your potential career relies on it.

One of my favourite Kevin Prise stories was in Evansville, Indiana for the culmination of the 2021 Korn Ferry Tour regular season. At these events, the top 25 KFT players are awarded the prestigious PGA TOUR cards, allowing them to start on the PGA TOUR, and achieve their status as members of the main TOUR. Throughout the past 5 years, Kevin constantly told this one player, Justin Lower, that if he made it and got his TOUR card, he would jump in the lake off the 18th green. This past year, Justin managed to finally crack the top 25, and Kevin did just that.

Kevin Prise is living breathing proof that this industry is what you make of it, especially when it comes to connections and networking. He knows literally everyone imaginable, is on a first name basis with Rory McIlroy and Will Zalatoris, and everyone knows him. If someone doesn't know Kevin, they've definitely heard of him. If you build those relationships in the industry, it truly matters.

Kevin even has a twitter account that was made by his roomate that tracks him on social media, and videos / interviews that he appears in. The Kevin Prise Tracker.

Kevin has completely changed my outlook on the sports media world, and I am truly thankful for him and his guidance over the past two years. He truly has a unique outlook on life and work, and is able to combine the two into something he truly loves. If you were to take one thing away from him talking to the class, it should be that every person views you how you choose to present yourself. If you are the best photographer/videographer/social media person in the world, it doesn't matter if everyone thinks you're a little shite.