Future of Social Media

Social media is a crazy tool that has many uses. From advertising a product, to growing a brand - if you're not utilizing social media you'll be left behind. With the latest installation of TikTok in 2016, this has changed the game. TikTok really didn't get popular until 2018 when it joined forces with musica.ly, but now it is an undisputed giant in the industry. What I think is really cool about social media, is how it connects people. Personally, I believe that the future of Social Media isn't revolved around broadcasting media, but instead allowing us to connect and converse with people who it would otherwise not be possible.

From this UCSD Study, (https://univcomms.ucsd.edu/services-and-resources/social/social-101/#:~:text=Instead%20of%20broadcasting%20information%20to,how%20these%20tools%20are%20used.)

You can see that internet users have an average of 7 social media accounts. That covers a TON of ground. A personal example that I can share regarding this happened to me pretty recently. I was covering Tulane vs SMU football at Tulane. I took a picture of a fan holding a sign, and broadcasted it to the wire, as well as posted a carousel on instagram the next day, with a few football photos included. I ended up tagging the players on the post, who shared them to their story. From their network, that fan found me, and I ended up sending her the photo.

Turns out, that fan also works for the company that runs events at Caesars Superdome and Smoothie King Center, were I regularly cover NFL and NBA Games. I now see her every game I cover for the NBA, and she has become one of my regular friends down in New Orleans. Simply because of the power of social media, and how I believe it will be shaping our future.

Universities are also using social media to connect with their perspective students, connecting the future users of future social media even more.